About Auto Envy

We have been serving the Central Valley for the past 31 years, providing professional car care products and support. We are the lead providers of car care chemicals to the most well known car dealers and detailers in the Central Valley. We support Groppetti Automotive, BMW Visalia, Haron Jaguar of Fresno and many more!



About The Owner

About The Owner - Anthony Ramos

Anthony Ramos started as a car enthusiast with an obsession in car care perfection. He has over 8 years of professional detail experience, specializing in exotic sports cars and hot rod custom builds. He holds over 6 certifications from the most prestigious car care company’s in the automotive industry, some of which include 3D International, Meguiars NXT, Gtechniq and Suntek. He was the first authorized installer of glass coatings in the Central Valley. Anthony strives to be on the forefront of the latest advances, trainings, and techniques to benefit his customers and their needs.