CQUARTZ Professional

Based on advances over the past 6 years in CQUARTZ nanotechnology, this formula is infused with fluorocarbon composite and SiO2 with modified nanoparticles to provide an extremely reflective shine and rich, deep gloss!


Professional Products For Professional Results

Each silica atom has multiple fluorocarbon molecular bonds to it, which creates a high-density structural coating. Once bonded to the surface CQUARTZ Professional not only protects the gloss and depth, it enhances it! While increasing the hardness of the paint CQUARTZ Professional also rejects contaminants, bird and bug stains, and a variety of environmental fallout! Properly maintained, CQUARTZ Professional will last for years on end all while keeping your car glossier, cleaner, and easier to wash!

Durability, long lasting hydrophobic effect, water spot resistance, and strong protection from both acids and base chemicals were all increased in this pro the only version of CQUARTZ! Finally, we focused heavily on the versatility of application for a wide variety of climates and successful results for quality professional detailers around the world! CQUARTZ Professional can be applied on any surface except the windshield.


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In short? The paint will not dull or oxidize, surfaces stay cleaner and glossier, and clean up easier! Water spots can be a challenge for other products In the ceramic coating industry, but no durable ceramic coating is able to resist natural water stains better than CQuartz’ line of Professional coatings. CQuartz Professional also resists bird and bug stains, and a variety of environmental fallout! Properly maintained, CQuartz Professional will last for years, all while keeping your car glossier, cleaner, and easier to wash and dry!

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Nano Ceramic Hybrid Surface Protection.

Want the “Wet Look” that lasts for years? CQuartz Professional stays clean longer than competing products, and provides years of extreme protection from…


  • Type: Next Gen. Ceramic Hybrid Nano
  • Durability: 2-10 Years
  • Thickness: 3+ micron
  • Sliding Angle: 15 Deg.
  • Contact Angle: 110 ~ 115 Deg.
  • Temp resilience: Subzero ~ 1000 F>

Aesthetics & Gloss

Finest Reserve yields a unique richness and depth found nowhere else in the world. Its advanced protective properties maintain this rich, glossy finish and resist oxidation and dulling for years to come.


Sophisticated 3D Nano Structure offers immense water beading and sheeting characteristics, with a Contact Angle of 110° ~ 115°, and the only coating on the market that offers a jaw-dropping 10° sliding angle!

Protection From Bugs

They come in all shapes and sizes. Many are highly acidic and can wreak havoc on your paint! They impact the front of your vehicle at high speed and as their bodies explode the acidic contents spill out onto your paint. Within minutes it can eat through a layer of traditional wax before it dries and bonds hard to the surface in the heat of the sun. If the bug is highly acidic it will begin the process of etching into your clearcoat in a matter of hours. Each time it is exposed to moisture more acids are released and eventually, your paint may even experience permanent damage.
With 3µm of CQuartz Finest between the bugs and your paint, they can no longer cause permanent damage to your paint. Finest Reserve is resistant to acids and its rare any mark will be left on the coating with reasonable washing schedules. In the rare case, a bug does leave something behind you can rest assured your paint is still safe beneath the coating.

Easier Maintenance

Finest Reserve offers extreme dirt and water shedding abilities beyond that of any other product available. With the self-cleaning effect provided by Finest Reserve, most dirt slides right off during the rinse and the rest are removed during the wash and light mitting process.

Fine Swirl Resistance

Waxes and sealants obviously offer no swirl resistance. When you wash, dry, or touch your paint at any time you have the potential to scratch the surface. The scratches we are talking about here are very fine and referred to as “swirls” but as they build up the level of gloss you see as reflections and depth to your paint withers. These swirls refract light away from your eyes which is one of the causes of a dulled appearance to your paint over time. Finest Reserve assists in resistance to fine swirls alongside proper maintenance and care. It should be noted that no coating is swirl proof and it is important to use only high-quality wash mitts and drying towels or a blower to maintain near perfection. We highly recommend allowing your Licensed Finest Reserve Installer to either maintain your vehicle or accept their complimentary training in proper wash techniques. (See “Reserve Service” Below)


Since day one, the goal of the CQuartz Finest program has been to approve only the most talented, honest, and character-driven professionals across the world. Over the years the program has continually improved and demanded more of their installers. Currently, we can proudly state that less than 100 installers in all of North America are licensed and have access to CQuartz Finest Reserve!

Protection From Bird Droppings

The most dangerous enemy your paint will likely see in its life is bird droppings. They can vary in level of toxicity but it is well known by professionals that a bird dropping can dissolve wax on contact, eat deep into the paint, and leave an etching within minutes. With Finest Reserve you have a barrier which resists bird droppings and allows you time to discover and remove them so they cannot cause permanent damage to your paint.

Dust and Dirt Resistance

Carnauba wax provides limited protection and unfortunately dust sticks to very easily. Polymer sealants are a little better and stay cleaner than waxes however they too allow dirt and dust to stick to them. After your first Reset wash of a Finest Reserve treated vehicle, dust and dirt retention will be improved by up to 80% relative to a waxed vehicle.
In the air around us and on the highways, all sorts of contaminants attack your paint. Iron particles coming off the brakes of other vehicles can lodge into your paint and allow moisture to penetrate around them. Over time the oxidation process from moisture and sun break down around these iron particles and eat microscopic holes into your paint. Finest Reserve puts an end to this with a thick barrier that does not allow these contaminants to reach the paint surface and are easily removed with the use of CarPro Reset wash and occasionally CarPro decon products.

Finest Service

When Finest Reserve is selected, there is only one option for preparation of the vehicle. No expense will be spared in the preparation of the surface before application of Finest Reserve! A mandatory minimum of 2 coats of Reserve is applied and heat cured at a consistent 140° F via IR cure lamps for the ultimate automotive enhancement and protection.
Additional services including the coating of the interior, glass, convertible top, plastic trim, brightwork, and wheel coating are also offered by our installers. Some of these items may be included in your Finest package or may be offered a la carte. Ask your Finest installer for more details.