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How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

Owning a car is one of the most costly investments you will make. That being said, it is essential to properly take care of that investment. When it comes to maintaining a vehicle, we would service it regularly with the recommended maintenance and repairs. But if you wish to protect the vehicle’s paint, then the best choice is paint protection film (PPF). Paint protection film is a product that requires professional installation. It protects the paint from any external damage that our cars are frequently at risk for. New or used, paint protection film protects your vehicle’s finish like a bulletproof vest! With self-healing technology and hydrophobic properties, paint protection film maintains a flawless finish for 5-10 years.

Why is it recommended to apply paint protection film to the car?

No matter how careful you are with your vehicle, the chance of possible scratches or rockchips is inevitable. Other external factors like rain, UV rays and fallout contaminate your paint leaving you with damage that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Paint protection film offers a physical 7-10mil barrier from these external forces, leaving your paint untouched underneath. Paint protection film will also make your car look better than new, without changing its color or design features.

The factors that generally affect the look of the car are scratches, stains, chips and other external damage from the elements. You can apply paint protection film to any painted surface of the vehicle so coverage packages are completely customizable to your budget. This film is resistant to things like rock chips, scratches, acids, corrosion, acid rain, bug splatter, bird droppings, mineral deposits and so on. This also greatly reduces the oxidation process due to the exposure of the car to harmful UV rays.

The main benefits of PPF are:

  • Rock chip and scratch resistance
  • Fade and Stain Resistance
  • Self-healing Properties
  • Extreme gloss enhancement
  • It Lasts 5-10 Years

This protection film is an excellent choice for a newly purchased vehicle or newly painted vehicle. This way your vehicle will maintain its flawless finish throughout its entire life, or at least as long as it’s under your ownership. This film, if required, can be removed from the car in the future without damaging the paint. After a particular period, you can have the film professionally reinstalled. Installation of paint protection film must be left in the hands of certified film installers. Though many will claim to be experts, please be diligent in your research when selecting a paint protection film shop. The cost of re-doing the install can get costly.

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